Updates at Drop Pod Games!

Hello world!

Been awhile since we had anything posted, but that only means we’ve been far too caught up with the projects at hand!

Over the past few months, we’ve tackled 2 entire different game projects, for 2 very different platforms.poster01

In January, we were hand-selected as pioneer content developers among thousands of applicants for a new and upcoming cool piece of gaming technology, known as the Freevi Flightdeck, a world’s -first-glasses-free-3D mobile tablet. If you’re familiar with Nintendo’s 3DS handheld device, think of this one as an iPad version of that device! Our game project –Frwee– was a unique stylized runner game that was driven by music. As with our previous projects, the team was ad-hoc and consisted of just 3 developers. What we accomplished was still a solid keeper!


Not very long after that project had concluded, we jumped yet again straight into another game jam, the Samsung Gear VR/Oculus VR Jam 2015. We had a month to execute an idea, which really is very little time, so it was full steam ahead. This time, the team was made up of 3 developers, but with a different programmer jumping aboard! All 3 of us have been working non-stop to get this project out the gate, and we are very proud to be able to now present, InnovoxVR, a breath-taking musical/visual VR experience. Featuring completely original audio work by Elizabeth Zharoff. What started out as an abstract idea, has turned out to be a refined, beautiful, and comfortable VR experience. The VR Jam is now in the judging process, and we need votes! Head on over to our entry submission page to find out all about our InnovoxVR experience, and vote for us! (yellow button) Seeing a video of what this project is can’t even begin to describe the emotions and experience of InnovoxVR, you simply have to try it out for yourselves. So if you’re one of the lucky few around to have access to a Samsung Gear VR headset, be sure to give this app a looksee!

Aside from all that, there’s still a couple more projects on the back-burner that we need to manage, pronto! 😉

We’re looking for Unity3D programmers, as well as full-stack engineers. Do drop us a note at business@droppodgames.com should you have the slightest inkling to contribute to our games!

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