The Mission

With Drop Pod Games, we want to connect people through games. To engage people from all walks of life and bring them together into one unified, positive, community atmosphere built through our games.  Our games are focused to be bite-sized, top-class quality game experiences, with an emphasis on the social aspect of games.

Our vision is in a way 2 pronged, with phase 1 being our goal to build up a portfolio of small games, and phase 2 to introduce an all new platform that will become the foundations for achieving and furthering our mission. Sounds ambitious? Absolutely. Some might even be intimidated or call us crazy. But that’s exactly what defines us, and what makes us different from the thousands of other Indie game studios out there.

Drop Pod Games is founded on passion. The team is equally fueled by passion. We simply love what we do and will risk everything, and anything, to do what we love every day –   creating compelling, top-notch gameplay experiences, the Indie way. Spend some time to get to know us, your mind will be blown.

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