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Drop Pod Games presents “Saplings” !! Our 2nd official game app release!


Yes it’s finally gone live! Saplings is a very different type of game app than one would expect. It is all about nurturing a virtual plant. The digital Sapling grows in real-time, procedurally, and requires constant care and watering, just like a real plant would! Naturally, be rewarded for your efforts when flowers start budding and turning into collectible fruits, containing special bonus power-ups to aid your Sapling’s journey. Saplings also features a dynamic exquisite music soundtrack composed by award-winning Elizabeth Zharoff, making this zen-like game approach a total experience!

Saplings is free to download on the Android Google Play Store now, with an iOS release coming right around the corner!
Download Saplings now! http://bit.ly/1HhMV7S