Monthly Archives: February 2016

New Game title underway! Magniibots!

We¬†recently participated at the¬†Global Game Jam 2016, over by the Facebook Headquarters offices… we had about 48 hours to concept, build and develop an entirely new game from scratch (like all Game Jam events!). The resulting project came out way better than we anticipated, and we walked away from that 48 hours with a sweet new game, we call Magniibots. 1 Programmer, 1 Artist/Designer, 1 Audio Musician.

Check out the game play video below, it supports up to 4 players on local multiplayer! The feedback we got during the event was already super positive and motivating, people that picked up the gamepad controller didn’t seem to want to put it down, they kept playing “1 more round!”

The Drop Pod Games Magniibots Team:
Creative Director & Artist – Samuel Hum
Technical Director – Kevin Pacheco
Audio FX Musician – Elizabeth Zharoff

Next step?

Since we received and observed such great feedback about the game, we’re pushing ahead to get this out there for everyone on Steam through Greenlight. Expect to hear again from us real soon with updates and when we will need your votes to qualify for the Steam Greenlight program! After Steam, definitely eyeing our console lovers so Xbox and Playstation will follow too!