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Drop Pod Games presents “Saplings” !! Our 2nd official game app release!


Yes it’s finally gone live! Saplings is a very different type of game app than one would expect. It is all about nurturing a virtual plant. The digital Sapling grows in real-time, procedurally, and requires constant care and watering, just like a real plant would! Naturally, be rewarded for your efforts when flowers start budding and turning into collectible fruits, containing special bonus power-ups to aid your Sapling’s journey. Saplings also features a dynamic exquisite music soundtrack composed by award-winning Elizabeth Zharoff, making this zen-like game approach a total experience!

Saplings is free to download on the Android Google Play Store now, with an iOS release coming right around the corner!
Download Saplings now!

Dolby Challenge 2014 Silver Award goes to RoShamboroo!!

Dolby Digital

Our recently released Android game app RoShamBoroo has won 2nd Place in this year’s Dolby Challenge!

Couldn’t have asked for anything more being one of our very first officially released games, we’re extremely thankful. Check out the Dolby announcement here:

Go download RoShamBoroo now, free! Get it here for Android devices (iOS coming real soon) :

Big shout out to the extremely talented few  that worked with Drop Pod Games in developing this game!

Producer/Director/Game Design/Art: Samuel Hum
Programming: Dmitri Roujan, Michael Garber
Music & Sound FX: Elizabeth Zharoff
Additional Programming: Michael John Aruzza-Cruz
Character Design & Animations: Anna Klonoff

Congrats! :)

RoShamBoroo is Live on the Google Play Store!


RoShamBoroo is finally live on the Android Google Play Store! This is our first official Play Store release, we are extremely excited and look forward to pushing out even more game titles soon!

Get the game here: (Android only! iOS coming soon!)
We would appreciate any help with Star-Ratings ^^

RoShamBoroo is a Rock-Paper-Scissors game with a twist! Play through quick rounds of Ro-Sham-Bo to fight your way through to your opponent’s base.

Big shout out to the awesome team that contributed to this project!
Programmers: Michael Garber, Dmitri Roujan, Michael Aruzza-Cruz
Music & Sound FX: Elizabeth Zharoff
Character Design & Animations: Anna Klonoff
Production, Project Lead, Game Design, Art: Samuel Hum

We already have 2 other games in the works!
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